Saturday, September 17, 2011

8.5 Preview(Part 1)

Alliance War is introduced in 8.5, centred around the 3main cities, it is a MCC1 pvp event. Clans which are either Royalist or Republican first join their respective secret societies, and with that reap some of the benefits, as well as a few downsides for doing so. Neutral clans, aswell as clanless people can join the mercenary faction, and they will be randomly distributed during alliance war if they want to participate.

Joining a secret society/ mercenarys(you have to participate in Alliance war to get the fee waived, and attempted prison the joaqin) is required if you don't want to be extorted when doing the Byron Clock Tower raid, as people who are in a secret society/ mercenarys who have participated in alliance war get a 1 ele jewel fee waived which you have to pay EVERY entry, thats a whopping 10mill per try, aka just the minimum to get lionelle would be a whopping 80mill, for each person, and that is not counting key crafting costs, and CS items used in clock tower.

also being in a secret society will allow you to participate in the updated LTDA war wat the usual faction fight time, with improved buffs for the winners. A downside for being in a secret society, is that you will be autored to people in the opposing secret society on certain maps(will confirm which maps soon), even outside of CW.

People who particiate in Alliance War will earn points for certain actions, and these points can be spent on some pretty neat things, most noteable in sGE is Golden Rosario, aka rosario with 1dr base.

Credits to :, and **** of sGE

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random Update

As any of my readers have probably noticed, i am not particularly regular with this blog, mostly because not much is happening ingame, and i don't really wanna stir up drama.

Recently sGE updated to 8.5, a patch with a few new raids and the much coveted Lionelle UPC and his personal stance Punisher. Not going to go into too much details at the moment, as it is almost 2am, but i have been chatting with someone on sGE's non pvp server, who does happen to have lionelle with punisher, and have managed to get some info for 8.5, some i will share, some i won't, but i figure, as most of my readers are from Sword 2, any info is good info.

So ingame, i have just finished my lionelle weapons both pve and pvp, as most of my friends are aware, when i do gear a charactor, i make for them a full set of racials + pvp weapons. Clan politics have been quite interesting with the former rulers of the server trying to regroup after being toppled by a coaltion of clans, including the clan i founded, named after one of my best friends in game, Amalielle. Also a few friends from back in my lowbie days have returned to the game, and i am helping him out.

As a side note, obviously with my involvement in toppleing the former powerblock, there are players who do hate me and my friends, and who spread obnoxious lies about us, inparticular a certain prominent blogger who places himself above others.

Enough of my mumbling on, i will post later with something of a little substance, and a bit more coherence

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family update

I finally hit lvl 50+3 family level last week with 30masters, 16 experts of various levels, and the rest all around vet.

the number of weapons i use on a daily basis is starting to get out of hand, nearing on 30 now with my active use of equiptment over 75 items on a daily basis, it seems my obsession with having pvp gear for all my masters and full sets of racials for people i use for raids is becoming a problem. and thanks to the release of the Kurenai in Raiden's Box of Rage II i now have over 100 SA passes clogging up my leo.

and for the your casual perusal, at some point i will upload a video of me soloing circus in less than 5minutes.

PvE wise, i am pretty much set, just need a few more GS's for my asoka's then i might consider starting on racial weapons for ele or sumthing. PvP wise, i am still waiting on atk 3ar sabre and knuckles so i can try those out in pvp. i been playing with alot of teams, and i find cath is one of my favourites, with her great ranged aoe and multiple target control she is indispensible for me in 1v1, and for group pvp her aoe's and high dmg skills are great for holding down groups and weeding out the threats. I have however had alot of trouble finding a suitable 3rd char, at the moment it is a toss up between caly and dex romina, caly is fantastic for her devastating skills and incredible auto attack, however i find her lack of fast KD skills irritating. Romina is great due to the great utility of flintlock in general + her ability to res, however i find her ability to kill large groups quickly and metal leaving alot to be desired. When i use caly, i am semi vulnerable to double melee teams due to my dislike for using tactics involving invis, and my reluctance to use darkness on my emilia, again cause its cheap, and when i use romina, sometimes i lack the killing power vs metal users, and spamming skills for debuffs from cath and check targets is timeconsuming.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Asoka Frenzy

Finally mastered my two asoka's, yes that is right, 2 of em.

Only had one set of racial GS's prepared(they were all chess Greatswords). I have decided that this second set will all be Elite Daemon Slayers, so one Asoka uses EDS, the other uses Blade of the Emperor's. Obviously my pvp greatswords are Passion of Regulus's.

After playing around with her, I can now give my personal analysis of her stance Sect of Moonlight.

Personally, I believe Sect of Moonlight is one of the most powerful PvE stances. With its 2 hit 3target auto attack using Greatswords and a 40% multiplyer, her auto attack is better than calypso's in shadow sting in almost all situations, AND it hits 3 targets rather than 1. Further more, in a squad based DPS environment, aka if you were to do Tower of Chaoes or something with a full squad, she would benefit from hound unlike calypso, thus gaining another 20% of damage. Although she is fairly difficult to speedcap alone, in a squad this isn't an issue.

Skill Analysis

Cresent Cut Slash: 1 target skill with moderate damage, adjacent targets only with 25% chance to double dmg from moon curse(in my experience 100% chance). The prefered skill not to max, the dmg increase isn't that great, and its utility in PvP isn't good as moon decision is better. Would only be used as skill spam to kill scouts and stop them from potting, in PvE also not so great, as it is outshone by asura, acrobatic evil slicer and moon decision

Destructive Wind Slash: 3target skill ranged 5-10m. moderate dmg, ignores block. For PvP great from chasing down people who run away, and a great way to get first hit, also can and will kill weaker armoued people if you have decent weapons. For PvE not useful at all for dpsing, HOWEVER, it is great for interrupting mob skills and the like.

Air Slash: 5target skill within a range of 4metres, moderate damage, 60% chance to moon curse, ignores block. PvP wise, just as good as volition from Hanging Guard, moon curse drains hp and sp, good range and decent dmg. PvE great skill perfect setup for a devastating Asura.CD isn't too long so it is fairly spamable.

Acrobatic Evil Slicer: single target, 1.5m range, high damage. PvPwise, a killer skill, absolutely shreds leather and soft armour, pretty much centella for greatsword. PvE good dps skill, adds to total dps. Not much else to say.

Asura: range 2-6m 4m radius, 5 target, 25% chance to double dmg with moon curse(in pvp seems to be 100%). PvP, incredible skill, 5 target finisher with chance to double dmg, not much else to add, a fun combo is Air Slash, and as their chars move to get up, start casting asura, and it should hit them. Pretty devastating. Same for PvE.

Overview, PvE wise a very very strong stance, PvP wise, it is weak to metal armour and flyers, and to a certain extent toons with high block. Her damage in pvp vs metal users is pitiful, her finishers don't ignore block, and non of her skills hit flyers. Personal opinion. PvP:B(good but has certain limitations, not well rounded.)
PvE: A+(good for basically everything, flyers you should know in advance, and be able to bring the approapriate team)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Asoka Injections

Today is the day!!!! G1 is injecting Asoka into all the accounts that successfully purchased her, and all those who purchased her on alts will find out they failed. Hopefully they will be done before maintenance, so we can see people rolling around with one of the most hyped characters in the game before most americans go to bed.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Asoka release(update)

As i previously stated this event would be a test of G1, and unfortunatly it was one they did not pass with flying colours. The launch of asoka has been delayed by a week due to database malfunctions. That alone, not a big deal, but the problem was, notifying players the hour before she was due to be sold. Alot of players cancelled or rescheduled other commitments just to be around, just to be told oops we have an error. Personally i am not liking this no news till it is inevitable approach of G1, if they had everything open there wouldn't be this mass rage issue. they should have noticed these errors a fair while ago, and a fast update saying, database is acting up, launch may be delayed, keep watching for updates, would have gone a long way to alleviatingg the shitstorm that is now occuring on G1 forums.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Asoka is being released today. I think it is going to be a big test of G1's event handleing abilities as they will have to prepare for and deal with the immense frenzy of people trying to get onto the site to buy her.

Her release has already have a few hiccups with the first version of the Limited Edition set basically chewed up and spat out by the player base for being too expensive for too little. After a mere 3 days of the community chucking a hissy fit, the package was upgraded(now contains asoka, the sakura costume(imho its dmn ugly), 3 month supply of rose wings, and permanent statless golden pheonix wings).